Claremont Australian
Breeder of Australian Labradoodle Puppies for sale in southern California
Los Angeles
Our Australian Labradoodle Sires:
Breeder of Australian Labradoodle Puppies for sale in southern California Los Angeles

We at Claremont Australian Labradoodles are
committed to the Health of our puppies. This
genetically sound dogs. All of our studs and
their parents have passed all health tests and
vet. Physicals.

  • Penn Hips and Elbow tested
  • CERF. Canine eye diseases
  • Full blood panel normal
  • Thyroid tested
  • Regular developmental Veterinary
    physical exam
  • Complete vaccinations
  • Parent lines 4 documented generations   
We breed quality hand raised Australian Labradoodles puppies whose lines come from
Australia's Tegan Park Labradoodles and Rutland Manor's Australian Labradoodles.
This provides our puppies with a wide range for excellent genetic material to become
exemplary Australian Labradoodles which make fabulous family companions.         
Because of this our puppies are smart, loyal, faithful, friendly, playful, outgoing, and
most of all they love the whole family not just the one that feeds them.
Heartland's Duncan Bell ALAA-025435
"The Duke"
Duke pictured at his current
assignment as a service-dog
This is Duke as a pup where he
was raised in the hay fields of
Iowa, a great place to grow up.
Duke outside getting some fresh air
and watching over the neighborhood.
He is a good watch dog too.
Southern California's friendliest and happiest Australian Labradoodle stud.
Desert Waves White Tie Affair AKA "Ty"
Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Coat fleece- cream

Ty is the most loving guy he is always
looking for a good head rub. When he greets
us he always wants to give us a big hug too.
Very smart picks up on everything that is
going on around him. He is also quite
athletic, he is so light on his feet it looks like
gravity does not have an effect on him. The
prefect dog for walks, he stays by your side
and ignores the other dogs. Loves to play
with his toys and carries them around as his
prized possessions. He is always eager to
play fetch too. Lives in a guardian home with
a with a loving family in La Verne that has
two young children to keep Ty on his toes.
Multi-gen Australian
Coat fleece- chocolate

Duke lives in a guardian
home and goes to work
with his guardian. Duke
is the most affectionate
and loving companion
ever. He is very solid.
When he is around, one
always feels as though
he is the guardian
physically and mentally
he is strong, stable, and
always content.
Ty pictured on the right
before and left after a little
grooming to get ready for
summer fun.