Owner's Page
Bodie is ready to hit the beach.
He loves riding in the car and
running in the sand.
Hi Terri!

Here are a few recent pictures of
He's such a love!
We're crazy about him!
We're so thankful to have found you
and your pups!!  
You certainly breed absolutely
precious pups!!
Happy Holidays to you and your


Hello Terri,
Roxie at the local dog park chasing tennis
balls and other dogs.

Roxie after her first time in a pool.  She is a
very good swimmer, but would rather run
around the pool and tease us.

Glad to hear that you are doing well.  Take
~ The Smiths

He is everyone's and every dog's friend.  

He's a high energy boy who loves to play
catch, play fetch in the lake, walk, and
play with the grandchildren.  
He's protective and gentle, but exuberant.

We couldn't love him more.

Lana and Al

She likes to go for walks, car  
rides and absolutely loves to
play fetch.
She is friendly with other dogs,
and is very gentle with kids.  
She has a fabulous fleece coat  
that is very soft,

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Providing you an update on
Sunny, she is very well adjusted
and happy in her new home. She's
active and growing into a fine
young puppy.

Best, S and D
Delilah is a big girl, but
incredibly graceful and
elegant. Sometimes she
hops like a bunny when she
runs.  Needless to say, we
find her to be highly
My son picked her out from
the rest of the litter because
of her sweetness.  Sweet and
beautiful...we are so in love
with her and our little dogs
adore her too!  

Take care!
Charlie at 7 mos
He's 50 lbs now and doing very well.
Grooming this Friday.
Kodi sporting his new neckerchief.

After a rough morning of standing guard over  the ground crew on
the golf course and playing fetch -
Rio is taking nap.  She is doing great.     B&L
Whistler chocolate
fleece coat with his
new toy.
Maggie cools off with owner.
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Hi Terri!

I wanted to give you an update on my
Bailey (your Luna), and give you some
updated pictures. She will be one year old
tomorrow!  She is currently 42 lbs but still
thinks she is a little lap dog. She is
amazing.  She is great with kids.  She is so
loving, loyal, smart and energetic. I can’t
take her anywhere without someone
stopping me to ask about her because she
is so beautiful.  Her coat is so pretty and
soft. I am so glad we found you and found
my Bailey girl.

Hope all is well!  Sherry
Certified Graduate of puppy
training class -JM
Walter likes the black couch
because he really stands out
Baxter is a happy guy.
Lola and Lucy two sisters one
chocolate and one black. They
are both fresh from the groomer
sporting trimmed toe nails and a
fluffy top.
Hi Terry-

This is Leslie Moore, Max's
mom and Bodies grandma!

Just had to let you know
that I get asked the name
of my breeder ALL the
time, I hope some of these
people are reaching out to

Just had another one this
morning on our walk!

Hope all is well with you,
loving Max more than ever.

He's the best!
This is Buster with the
wet look on the left
and the dry look on
the right. He is a
standard size
Louis lives in Idaho and
is from Kona's litter
Louis and good
friend on the couch.
Bruno from Stella's litter the
happiest dog ever
Ty posing with his family
Both boys are forever
shirtless during the
Ty posing with his family
He just got his coat cut for