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Guardian Home Opportunities

 It is come time for me to enlarge my Guardian program. I already have a couple of dogs in Guardian homes. They live
with their guardian family while they finish up their breeding work with my program. There is a $400 start up fee at the
beginning and then after the breeding commitment is fulfilled the labradoodle becomes the guardian’s property as a
“forever pet.”

 My goal is to provide the best possible living conditions for each of my Australian Labradoodles. So it is with great pride
that I am offering some excellent Australian Labradoodles for families or individuals who meet the qualifications of a good
guardian home and will make the commitment to work with me as the labradoodle finishes its breeding commitment. Your
labradoodle could be a puppy just starting their breeding service or an adult that is finishing or has finished their breeding

 Each of my Guardian, Australian labradoodles has it’s own unique breeding requirements. I would be more than happy to
discuss them in a case-by-case basis. But basically with females we breed up to 4 times and then she is spayed and the
labradoodle becomes yours. Females will be away from the home for a week breeding and then returned to your home for
60 days. At which time she will return to give birth or whelping then she will nurse her pups until her litter is 5-6 weeks old.
Then she will return to your home. This cycle typically takes place every 7 months.
Males on the other hand will visit for a week, when their scheduled females go into heat. This could be 2 or 3 times a year
for several years.                     
Breeder of  the most loving Australian Labradoodle puppies for
sale in Los Angeles Southern California
You provide a loving and supportive home and We supply
our precious Australian Labradoodle breeder at almost no cost.
We are looking for someone good with dogs and owns their own home near Claremont, CA.
Guardian Home Overview
We have two Guardian opportunities at this time.
See below and contact Terri for more details
                           Claremont's Stella:
                                Placement Pending
Claremont’s Stella is a Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle from Heartland’s Duke and
Claremont’s Ziva Born 4/28/15. She is now 3 years 4 months old. Stands inches 21
inches the shoulder and is 45 pounds. Her coat is all black curly fleece and soft to
touch. Her nose is jet black and her brown eyes are stunning. She is the classic loyal
dog always wants your approval and affection. She still wants to be petted after going
potty outside, just as she was trained when she was a puppy. She is finishing her 4th
litter now and will be ready for a guardian home when the pups are 5 weeks old, Which
would be the last week of August 2018. She will visit us to have 2-3 more litters and
then return to her guardian home between litters. Then after which she will retire from
breeding. Then she will be your forever companion.
Non-shed and hypoallergenic.
                                     Claremont's Luna:
Claremont’s Luna is a chocolate Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle from litter with
Heartland’s Duke and Claremont’s Callie, Born 11/11/16. She is now 1 year 9 month old.
Stands 23 inches to shoulders and is a little over 60 pounds. Luna is great on walks,
strong, active, and loves doing things. She is obedient and cooperative loves to please
and will do anything you ask of her. Very observant and wants to be right with you doing
whatever you’re doing. Happy, friendly, strong, loving, and smart. She is ready for a
guardian home now. We are planing on her breading this winter. Then after she has 4
litter she will be your forever companion. Non-shed and hypoallergenic.