Claremont Australian Labradoodles
Breeders of quality Puppies
Breeder of Australian Labradoodle Puppies for sale in southern California Los Angeles
Health of our puppies- this is number one to us
Height 22 inches- Weight 45-55pounds
CERF...for 21 inheritable canine eye diseases
OFA hip and elbow certification
Regular developmental Veterinary physical exam
Complete vaccinations
Parent lines 4 documented generations  

Our puppies come ready for their new home.
Full 2 year genetic guarantee
Veterinarian Physical
Early spay or neuter procedure
First set of shots
Micro Chipped for identification
Their own handbook with blood lines, tests, and registration.
Family Socialized
Claremont's Kona
multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Registered ALAA-034174
Fleece cream apricot tint
standard size
Sweet Bella has a thick gorgeous
black fleece coat that is very soft and
fun to run your fingers through. She
has a lot of natural instinct and is
very smart she is truly a quick
learner. Bella will easily steal your
heart. She is the sweetest and most
loving family companion, a real
Claremont's Bella
Australian Labradoodle
Registered ALAA -023052
fleece black
standard size
Claremont's Callie
Australian Labradoodle
Registered ALAA-024619
Fleece light chocolate
standard size
Affectionate Callie has a light chocolate coat that is stunning and always
very soft. Callie is very smart, loyal, and loves to go for walks. She is a
good jogging companion too. She is always very gentle, loves people,
Breeder of Australian Labradoodle Puppies for sale in southern California Los Angeles
Claremont's Stella
Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Coat Fleece Black
Claremont's Jewels
Female multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
M Australian Labradoodle
Coat Fleece Cream Apricot
medium size- 15 inches 25 pounds
Claremont's Niko
Multi-gen Australian
Fleece Apricot Cream
Standard size
Kona has been having
the most amazing
litters. All of her
puppies are truly
gorgeous and loving.
We get fabulous
reports back from
their adopted
families. She is a
great mom too
literally raises great
Her father is The
from Heather
Hales Labradoodles out
of Bakersfield. He is a
truly stunning looking
stud who is smart and
friendly. Therefore
Jewels has the best
puppies ever, they are
always all reserved
before they are born.
Stella is Ziva's pup who is
now retired. She had
some of the best litters
with beautiful pups. We
can see that Stella is
going to continue her
mothers tradition. We
believe that you will get a
little bit of  Ziva's
gregarious personality in
every Stella puppy.
Claremont's Luna
Multi-gen Australian
fleece chocolate
standard size
These ladies below are retired from breeding.
Little Country's Maya
female fleece black standard size
Maya is our first labradoodle now retired and still lives with us.
She is very good at keeping the puppies in line. She knows all
the rules and will let the little ones know if they are out of line.
Always very friendly and cooperative she still just wants to
please and get her head rubbed.
Claremont's Ziva
Australian Labradoole
Registered ALAA-
Fleece Cream
Standard Size
Ziva is the first puppy we
kept for breeding. She is a
beautiful cream with an out
going and affectionate
personality. Very smart and
aware of everything going
on in the neighborhood. She
will stay with me all day my
true companion.