Claremont Australian Labradoodles
Southern California is the home to, Claremont Australian Labradoodles, the finest and friendliest breeder of Multi-generation
Australian Labradoodle puppies in southern California just east of Los Angeles, California.

We are a small family breeder of Australian Labradoodles that are raise in our home and yard so they will be ready for adoption into
your home and family. Our pups will range medium to standard in size 23-25 inches to the shoulders and 45-55 pounds. They will have
gorgeous fleece coats that are non-shed and hypoallergenic. These pups are  cutest, smartest, and friendliest multi-generation
Australian Labradoodle puppies you will ever meet.

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are located 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the small college town of Claremont. This is
an easy drive from Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, San Fernando Valley, West LA, Pacific Palisade, Hollywood, Orange County, San
Diego, Palm Springs,Long Beach, Bakersfield, Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga or any area of Southern California.

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are hand raised in our home with the best of care, with my families love, and the Australian
Labradoodle mother's unwavering devotion, so they will provide unconditional love and affection to your family.  
My name is Terri Abrolat and I am allergic to dogs and cats. Sad, yes until I
discovered the Australian Labradoodle. I talked to all the breeders and found
the best Labradoodle puppy, Maya.  She lives in the house, sleeps by my feet,
and no cough or sneeze from me. My lungs don't feel heavy and I don't need my
inhaler to breath freely. Labradoodles being non-shed leaves no hair or dander
on the floor.

Maya the puppy grew into a gorgeous dog with a nice fleece coat. But, most
amazing is how smart and friendly she was at a very early age. As she grew up,
her intuitiveness and unrequited love for us never waned. She does all the
standard commands and to get her to do something else we just ask, and she is
happy to oblige. She is a true family companion responsive and affectionate to
each family member.  

I am  breeding Maya and her daughters, because I want to share her love and
devotion with other families. This has worked out quite well, all of my puppies
have been adopted by loving families and these fabulous puppies have become
great family companions returning their family's love many times over.

Please see the Owners Page;
                    with love, Terri     
Australian Labradoodles
naturally have the traits that make them
the perfect breed for a high quality loving
family companion.

Smart as a Poodle, able to learn and
remember many words.

Strong, loyal and dependable as a
Labrador Retriever.

Contains  the wide range of genetic
material, the best from each of its
carefully selected parents.

Has a fantastic looking coat that is
non-shedding and hypoallergenic.
Why am I raising Australian Labradoodles Puppies?
Claremont Australian Labradoodles
Breeding southern California's friendliest labradoodle puppies
Breeder of Australian Labradoodle Puppies for sale in southern California Los Angeles
Our mission is to raise friendly and self-confident Australian Labradoodle
Puppies that will be extraordinary loving family companions.
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Answers to your Questions

Australian Labradoodles have a genetic line from the original labradoodle breeders in Australian.

American Labradoodles have all their genetic lines from American breeds. These are commonly called
F1's (first generation) F2's (2nd gen. ) and F1-b's (labradoodle breed back to a poodle to get a better coat).

Labradoodles are prized by their
coats which do not shed and are hypoallergenic to most people with
animal allergies. The coats are called fleece, wool, and hair. They get more coarse in that order.

To learn more please visit the web site link to the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA)
click on the link below:
Southern California's Australian Labradoodle Puppies- Gorgeous Australian Labradoodle puppies for
sale. They are hand raised with love and care by me right here in southern California, just east of Los
Angeles..Puppies for sale in Los Angeles area of Southern California.
Claremont Australian Labradoodles
is expecting puppies in May 2015.

The most loving and adorable
Australian Labradoodle  Puppies
will be ready for adoption in June 2015.
Claremont Australian Labradoodles